Timpson First Assembly is committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community. We are a multicultural church serving the people of Timpson and surrounding areas. We support our congregation in living a victorious life, through teaching the vital word of God and ministering in salvation, healing and deliverance. Everyone is welcome here. We believe in equality, Jesus did not judge, nor will we. You have a place here.

 Venue Options  for our Church Family                                                                           

Receptions, Weddings & Baptisms

Our Sancuary, is tastefully designed in sea blue/green pews and carpeting. We are located right on Highway 59 North, in the heart of our small rural town of Timpson. An easy access for arriving guests. Our sanctuary is the perfect location for weddings, funerals & baptismal services for our members.

The Worship Center, seating up to 400 guests, is ideal for any occasion that would require large crowds . 

Sunday School & Childrens Ministry

"Sunday School, Children's Ministry and other small groups are vital components in the mission of First Assembly. What is done in Sunday School, Children's Ministry and Adult Discipleship 

Ministries addresses every aspect of our Core Values. There is no better place where people of all ages learn what it means to be a "Christian", and how "to become a Christlike disciple."


The effectiveness of the local church is enhanced

when those attending our worship services are given opportunity to learn the Word, participate in small groups that provide nurture and accountability, and find pastoral concern and personal attention. There is no better place than Sunday School, Children's Ministry and other small groups for this kind of ministry.


As well as being proven vehicles for training, discipleship, and fellowship, Sunday School and small groups are also effective evangelistic

outreach tools of the church. The Great Commission is most effectively pursued through Sunday Schools and other small group ministries.

Sunday School still holds a vital role in First Assembly. The major purpose of the Sunday School is to help men, women, boys, and girls study God's Word, the Bible, and apply its life-guiding principles.



Come and join us, we would love to have you.

Evening Worship

(closed until further notice)

Of all the casualties the church has suffered in recent decades, We wonder if many will have longer-lasting consequences than the loss of the evening service. There was a time, not so long ago, when many or even most churches gathered in the morning and the evening. But today the evening service is increasingly relegated to the past.


At First Assembly we hold on to the evening service and wouldn’t want it any other way. It is a commitment, to be sure—a commitment for me as your Pastor to plan a second service and to prepare a second sermon, and a commitment for you as members to give the church not only the morning but also the evening. But these are small costs compared to the great benefits. 


Just as an evening service opens up more time for teaching, it also opens up more time to worship. We often come to the end of our morning service wishing we could worship and sing more than the five or six or seven songs we sing there. There are so many great songs to sing! The evening service gives us another chance to encourage and uplift one another with psalms, prayer, hymns and spiritual songs. We mix both modern worship songs with the great songs of the faith. We worship by lifting our hands and voices in praise, clapping our hands as we sing. We are not ashamed to worship our Lord and Saviour in truth & in spirit. 


Our evening services are also a time for alter ministry. We often gather around the alter and pray for one another. I believe in the anointing of God, and his great power. The  Holy Spirit ministers in healing and deliverance in our services. We welcome the Holy Spirit to come & minister, to bring deliverance and healing.


If you are comitted to your church on Sunday mornings, but do not have services on Sunday evenings, we would love to have you join us!


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