The purpose of our Sunday School Classes & Children's Minstry is to raise up a generation of young & old leaders equipped to fulfill their calling, empowered to take great leaps of faith to released the kingdom of God in our midst.


The Sunday School’s Vision Statement is to make the fullness of God’s word a reality in every believer’s life.  Our Mission is to build a biblical foundation in the lives of individuals that will transform families, friends, and the community for the Kingdom of God. 


Adult Sunday School Classes​ - Time 10:00 to 10:45


We offer an Adult Sunday School Classes. The class is held in the main Sanctuary. This class is offered for everyone that wants to grow in the knowledge & love of God. The class studies from a quarterly guide based on bibically based principles. It is an informal discussion format and everyone is welcome. 


Our young adult class reaches out to the 20+ group. The class is held in the fellowship hall. We study a variety of bibical & faith based material. The class is held as informal and with a discussion format. The class often shares coffee as they study, learn & fellowship together. Often times the discussions turn to the life issues that we face and how we as Christains can handle them.  (THIS CLASS IS TEMPORARILY ON HOLD)

Children's Sunday School 

We offer three Sunday School classes for our children, the toddlers, juniors and teen classes. Each of the classes are taught by loving teachers that provide activity filled devotionals for each age group.


Our teachers encourage our children in the faith and help them to grow in thier relationship, to have fun and provide an alternative experience to the adult style of worship and learning. To help the children experience love and acceptance in a loving nurturing environment. Our leaders are full of joy, creativity and energy and set a positive example for our children.


Children's Ministry (Temporarily Closed)


In Children’s Ministry, our primary goal is to partner with parents as they teach their children to KNOW God. Our lessons, music, and crafts are designed to teach children who God is—His nature and attributes—and what He has done. We believe at First Assembly that God has made himself known through His creation, His Word, and His Son. We encourage kids to learn as much as they can about their awesome God by studying the Bible for themselves. Our children look forward each Sunday to being a part of this class. The group is held @ 11:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall during the morning serman. For ages 5 through 12.


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